Environmental Justice
Journalism Initiative

The Environmental Justice Journalism Initiative seeks to create a more engaged and informed community around environmental inequities and to address them to build a more equitable future.

We are working with students to help them produce high-quality investigative work and connect them with resources for careers in a variety of fields that touch on environmental justice.

Baltimore and EJJI – Video

Highway To Nowhere – Documentary Trailer

Our Environment. Our Story

Journalism. Action. Justice

The Environmental Justice Journalism Initiative grew out of conversations among friends about the need to address the lack of diversity in both the environmental stories covered and the journalists who cover them. It has expanded into a true effort to build capacity so we can continue to formalize and make available to all the work we have been doing on an ad hoc basis.

Be Part of the Change

Your donations help us:

  • Advise young people about careers in environmental justice work.
  • Connect high school students to college programs in their chosen fields.
  • Direct journalism students to magazines and newspapers that can publish their work.
  • Build relationships with neighborhood leaders to help them tell their stories.

Contact Us

email: media@ejji.org